fave-human January 16, 2017

Digital text analysis talk and workshop

January 13, 2017



LEL and Digital Humanities have something special for you this month! On 26th Jan, Prof Mike Kestemont (Antwerp) will be talking on The State of Stylometry: Achievements and Challenges in Computational Stylistics, and on 27th Jan, Dr Folgert Karsdorp (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) is giving a workshop on Text Analysis with Python. […]

Ricardo at ConSOLE XXV

January 3, 2017


The architecture of the lexicon

Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero will be opening the programme of ConSOLE XXV in Leipzig tomorrow (Wed 4th Jan) with a talk entitled The phonological lexicon, usage factors, and rates of change: Evidence from Manchester English. This is based on his joint work with George Bailey, Maciej Baranowski, and Danielle Turton. You can find the programme here. Have […]

Major funding for Germanic NPs project!

December 27, 2016

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The project Constraints on syntactic variation: noun phrases in early Germanic languages has just received major funding from the Norwegian Research Council! The project is led by Oslo’s Kristin Bech and features three Mancunians: Kersti Börjars, Tine Breban, and George Walkden. Also on the project are Svetlana Petrova (Wuppertal) and Sheila Watts (Cambridge). In the […]

Word Mapper takes the web by storm

December 22, 2016

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Newly recruited LEL lecturer Andrea Nini has just released the Word Mapper app, which he created alongside Jack Grieve and Diansheng Guo. You can find out more about the app, and download the original dataset, here. From that page: The original Word Mapper app lets users map the relative frequencies of the top 10,000 most […]

Different perspectives on proper noun modifiers

December 20, 2016

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Dr Tine Breban and alumna Dr Julia Kolkmann will be hosting a workshop on Different perspectives on proper noun modifiers at BICLCE 2017 in Vigo, 28-30 September 2017. The deadline for submissions to the Tine & Julia workshop is 15th Jan, so get writing! Here is the full call for papers. Submissions and queries should […]

LEL links with China

December 19, 2016

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Every year, LEL sends a representative to China to talk to our partner universities on the 2+2 scheme. This year, the honour fell to Dr George Walkden, accompanied by Dr Ben Walker from Recruitment & Admissions. Here they are in the English room at Shanghai Ocean University, with a host of interested students and staff. […]