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Elizabeth Gaskell manuscripts now available online

July 25, 2015



The University of Manchester Library have made available the world’s largest online collection of the writings of Elizabeth Gaskell. From the University press release: Highlights from the collection are the unedited ‘warts and all version’ of her biography of Charlotte Brontë and the original handwritten manuscript of Wives and Daughters. This was left incomplete as […]

Semantics and Pragmatics at Manchester

July 23, 2015


Semantics and Pragmatics at Manchester (SPM) is a conference on context-sensitivity in natural language, which will take place in Manchester on Wednesday 29th July in the second floor boardroom of the Arthur Lewis Building. Joint LEL/Philosophy PhD student Nathan Duckett is the main organizer. Here’s the programme: 9.30-10.00: Registration and Coffee 10.00-10.30: Phasal Eliminitavism, Conceptual […]

MacKenzie and Schleef publish methods book

July 22, 2015



Laurel, Erik and Miriam Meyerhoff (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ) have just published their book Doing Sociolinguistics: A Practical Guide to Data Collection and Analysis. The book provides an accessible introduction and guide to the methods of data collection and analysis in the field of sociolinguistics. It offers students the opportunity to engage directly with […]

Kurdish language project at Manchester

July 19, 2015



Manchester’s Kurdish language project, led by Yaron Matras and Andrew Koontz-Garboden, now has a website! The project, funded by an AHRC grant of £194,550, aims to document the structural and typological variation between different dialects of Kurdish. Funded from 2014 to 2017, it follows a British-Academy-funded pilot project. On the website you can find out […]

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Walkden tops lingBuzz download charts

July 17, 2015

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LEL lecturer George Walkden’s paper The correspondence problem in syntactic reconstruction is currently topping the Recent Downloads chart on linguistics repository lingBuzz, with over 900 downloads! Walkden is simultaneously also at number 4 in the chart with his paper The status of hwæt in Old English, a controversial paper which led Fark users to accuse […]

Points mean prizes

July 15, 2015

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Six outstanding LEL students have been awarded prizes for their academic achievements this year! Stella Brook Prize (awarded to first-year student(s) for outstanding achievement in English historical linguistics; £50) Roxanne Green Kenichi Sonoda G. L. Brook Prize (awarded to second-year student(s) for outstanding achievement in English Language studies; £100) Lucy Giannasi Yixin Zhang Thomas Maguire […]

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