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Seiler at the International Morphology Meeting

Joining Kersti at the 13th International Morphology Meeting in Vienna will be our new colleague in the German Department, Guido Seiler, with a talk entitled “Variation and change of quantity alternations across Upper German dialects.”

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Börjars, the where’s waldo of Manchester linguistics

Where will she turn up next? (We at Manchet are working on honing our skills in hyperbole. :) ) In the words of David Denison “Kersti is giving a paper on behalf of the possessives mob” (that’s Kersti, David Denison, … Continue reading

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Börjars to talk at UCL

Kersti Börjars is scheduled to give a talk entitled “Germanic possession and the clitic-affix distinction” at the UCL Department of Phonetics & Linguistics on 27 February. You can see the rest of their talk-lineup here.

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Welcome to Candide Simard

This semester we welcome a new PhD student to the department, Candide Simard1. Her supervisor, Eva Schultze-Berndt2, describes her1 project on her2 website thusly: “Candide Simard is currently working on a PhD thesis on the prosody of the Australian language … Continue reading

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Schultze-Berndt in Linguistics

Reporters at Manchet have been tipped off (thanks, Kristine!) to a recent paper coauthored by Eva Schultze-Berndt in what looks like a very exciting special issue in Linguistics on the semantics of positional predicates. Take a gander here.

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Welcome to Stephen Laker

In the words of our able chair, Martin Barry: “I’m very pleased to be able to welcome Stephen Laker, who has joined us today – I’m delighted to say, in time for the first lecture of LELA30042 The History of … Continue reading

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Reminder: 17th postgraduate conference in linguistics

Here’s a repost of the earlier posting on the postgraduate linguistics conference—be there or be square (10% payout from Manchet’s massive endowment for the first person who can send me some new cliche to use in place of this one…): … Continue reading

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