Leverhulme Day Conference: Explorations in Language, History, Society and Identity

Posted on February 4, 2008 by

Colleague Nuria Yáñez-Bouza has brought our attention to a one-day conference in Sheffield on 6 February on Explorations in Language, History, Society and Identity. Details below the fold.

Leverhulme Day Conference: Explorations in Language, History, Society
and Identity

Wednesday February 6, 2008 (10am—5pm)
Theatre Workshop, Shearwood Road, Sheffield.


10 am: registration and coffee

10:15—10:55:  Joan Beal and Karen Corrigan: ‘Inferring Morpho-syntactic
Variation and Change from the Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside
(NECTE) and the Corpus of Sheffield Usage (CSU)’

11:00—11:40: Susan Fitzmaurice: ‘The Spectator coalition and the
periodicals press in l8th century London: a community of practice in a
discourse community’.

11:45—12:25:  Philip Shaw: ‘A penny for your thoughts: phonology and the
epigraphic record’.

12:30—1:10:  Jon-Kris Mason. ‘The best (and worst) of all worlds:
invocations of the word “French” in British prose fiction 1744-1789
contained in the LION (Literature Online) database’

1:10—2:15:   LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

2:20—3:20:  Panel Discussion on Research questions, materials and
resources: James Broomhead, Nissa Clark, Sarah Haigh, Tom McIlhagga.

3:30—4:10: Chris Montgomery: ‘Mapping perceptions and attitudes towards
dialects in the north of England’.

4:15—4:55: Terttu Nevalainen: ‘Agreement patterns of THERE existentials
in 18th-century English’.