Second call for Manchester Phonology Meeting

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The second call for this year’s Manchester Phonology Meeting is out, complete with a list of very exciting invited speakers.  Details below the fold.

Call: 16th Manchester Phonology Meeting


Sixteenth Manchester Phonology Meeting

22-24 MAY 2008

Deadline for abstracts: 3rd March 2008

Special session: ‘Phonology and the mental lexicon’ featuring Abby
Cohn, Sarah Hawkins and Aditi Lahiri

Held in Manchester, UK; organised through a collaboration of
phonologists at the University of Edinburgh, the University of
Manchester, the Universite Toulouse-Le Mirail and elsewhere.

Conference website:


We are pleased to announce our Sixteenth Manchester Phonology Meeting
(16mfm). The mfm is the UK’s annual phonology conference, with an
international set of organisers; it is held in late May every year in
Manchester. The meeting has become a key conference for phonologists
from all corners of the world, where anyone who declares themselves to
be interested in phonology can submit an abstract on anything
phonological in any phonological framework. In an informal atmosphere,
we discuss a broad range of topics, including issues in phonological
theory, the phonological description of any language or languages,
aspects of phonological acquisition and implications of phonological


There is no conference theme – abstracts can be submitted on anything,
but, following the success of such sessions in previous years, a
special themed session has been organised, entitled ‘Phonology and the
mental lexicon.’ This will feature invited speakers and will conclude
in an open discussion session when contributions from the audience
will be very welcome.

SPECIAL SESSION SPEAKERS (in alphabetical order)

* Abby Cohn (Cornell University)
* Sarah Hawkins (University of Cambridge)
* Aditi Lahiri (University of Oxford)


**This is a summary – please consult the website for full details**

* There is no obligatory conference theme – abstracts can be submitted
on anything. Abstracts should be sent to Patrick Honeybone as
attachments to an email ( by 3rd March

* Abstracts should be no longer than one side of A4, with 2.5cm or one
inch margins, single-spaced, with a font size no smaller than 12, and
with normal character spacing.

* Please send two copies of your abstract – one of these should be
anonymous and one should include your name, affiliation and email
address at the top of the page, directly below the title. All
abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by members of the organising
committee and advisory board.

* Please use one of these formats for your abstract: pdf, Word, or
plain text. If you need to use a phonetic font in your abstract,
either embed it in a pdf file, or use the Doulos SIL font

* Full papers will last around 25 minutes with around 5 minutes for
questions, and there will be a high-profile poster session lasting one
and a half hours. Please indicate whether you would prefer to present
your work as an oral paper or a poster, or whether you would be
prepared to present it in either form.

* If you need technical equipment for your talk, please say so in the
message accompanying your abstract and we will do our best to provide
it, although this cannot be guaranteed.

* We aim to finalise the programme, and to contact abstract-senders by
around the end of March, and we will contact those who have sent
abstract as soon as the decisions have been made.

**Further important details** concerning abstract submission are
available on the conference website – please make sure that you
consult these before submitting an abstract:



Organising Committee:
The first named is the convenor and main organiser – if you would like
to attend or if you have any queries about the conference, please feel
free to get in touch with me (, or phone
+44 (0)131 651 1838).
* Patrick Honeybone (Edinburgh)
* Ricardo Bermudez-Otero (Manchester)
* Jacques Durand (Toulouse-Le Mirail)

Advisory Board:
* Jill Beckman (Iowa)
* Bert Botma (Leiden)
* Philip Carr (Montpellier / ERSS, Toulouse-Le Mirail )
* Mike Davenport (Durham)
* Daniel L. Everett (Illinois State)
* Paul Foulkes (York)
* S.J. Hannahs (Newcastle upon Tyne)
* John Harris (UCL)
* Kristine A. Hildebrandt (Manchester)
* Martin Krämer (Tromsø)
* Ken Lodge (UEA)
* Aditi Lahiri (Oxford)
* Marc van Oostendorp (Meertens Instituut)
* Glyne Piggott (McGill)
* Curt Rice (Tromsø)
* Catherine O. Ringen (Iowa)
* Tobias Scheer (Nice)
* James M. Scobbie (QMU)
* Daniel Silverman (San José State)
* Marilyn M. Vihman (York)
* Moira Yip (UCL)