Two new grants in the department

Posted on April 12, 2008 by

As reported in the (University internal) School Newsletter, our department has had two major grants recently awarded. Paul Bennett and Martin Durrell (Professor Emeritus in the German Department) have been awarded a major grant from the ESRC and AHRC entitled ‘GerManC Plus: A representative historical corpus of German 1650-1800’. According to Paul, ‘The aim is to build an annotated corpus of pre-modern German containing around 800,000 words, together with various tools for its analysis. It follows on from a pilot project completed in 2006-7.’

Eva Schultze-Berndt has also been awarded a major grant from the ELDP to continue her documentation projects in Australia. At the time we went to press, however, Eva was already away on sabbatical in Australia, so we couldn’t get more details about the project. Either way, well done!