Three-year ESRC project on ‘Place, mobility and dialect differentiation in Romani’ concludes with a bang

Posted on August 31, 2008 by

This past Thursday marked the official conclusion of the three-year ESRC funded project on ‘Place, mobility and dialect differentiation in Romani’ under the supervision of colleague Yaron Matras. This vibrant project concludes, appropriately, with a launch of the project’s Romani Morpho-Syntax database, which contains a comprehensive description of over 150 varieties of Romani, exemplified with phrases in transcription and sound. It can be accessed here:

The database is equipped with a search facility that allows the user to download search results or to plot them on a map, as well as to calculate hierarchies and correlations. An elaborate Help menu with online video tutorials guides the user through the maze of opportunities for data retrieval that the resource offers.

The programming was carried out by Christopher White with support from Christa Schubert, archive management by Charlotte Jones, and data processing by Ruth Hill and Hazel Gardner, with support from Veronica Schulman, Anton Tenser, and Viktor El?ík. The database structure was development by Yaron Matras and Viktor El?ík. Well done, Romani team!