Linguistic Inquiry on JSTOR!

Posted on November 4, 2008 by

Hat tip to Salford linguist Iván García Álvarez for bringing to Manchet’s attention the fact that Linguistic Inquiry is now part of JSTOR (along with other recent additions:  Language Acquisition, Phonology, and others)!  Check it out here.

In celebration of the fact that Manchet will no longer have to make the arduous 2 minute trek to the Rylands to retrieve classic LI squibs from the 1970s, we’re offering a special (one-time!) celebration link to our favorite squib:  Fiengo and May.  1972.  “On nonrecoverable deletion in syntax.”  LI 3.528.  Check it out here, going to page 528 in that file.  (Ironically, particularly for this squib, unlike all other squibs/articles, this one doesn’t have a link of its own, apparently having been overlooked by the JSTOR staff…  In order to view it, one has to select to download either our own D.A. Cruse’s “A Note on English Causatives” (pp. 520–528) or Janet Fodor’s “Beware” (pp. 528-535).  Funny that.)

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