Welcome Erik and Yuni!

Posted on January 9, 2009 by

Manchet returns from its (overindulgent!) holiday hiatus with a welcome to two new permanent members of academic staff, who have joined us effective the first of January.  Erik Schleef (PhD, U. of Michigan, 2005) joins us via the Linguistics and English Language Department at Edinburgh as our new Sociolinguist/English Language specialist.  Yuni Kim (PhD, U. of California, Berkeley, 2008 ) is our new phonologist/phonetician, joining us from UC Berkeley, where she’s just finished her PhD.  No word yet on what offices they’ll occupy, so, unfortunately, Manchet can’t give them a proper welcome outside their office door.  In lieu of this, Manchet is donning his e-bard hat and offering the traditional Mancunian ballad below in their honor.

(Note:  Manchet, being keenly aware of Gricean subtleties in his posts, appreciates that the idea of “improvement” might imply a relatively low beginning.  Manchet hereby wishes to cancel that implicature, asserting, as evidenced by our smashing RAE results, that we start from an already extraordinarily high mark, and that the addition of Erik and Yuni only makes us stronger.)