Bernard Spolsky at SOAS

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Via Peter Austin:

Prof Bernard Spolsky, Bar-Ilan University, is giving a series of talks in
the Linguistics Department at SOAS next week:

1. Tuesday 24th February — “Applying a model of language policy and
management to endangered languages”, Linguistics Department seminar at
3:30pm in room 4418 (see

2. Thursday 26th February — “Rescuing Maori: the last 40 years”, HRELP
Annual Public Lecture at 6pm in room G52 (see

3. Friday 27th February — “”Language beliefs and the management of
endangered languages”, ELAP Workshop on Beliefs and Ideology, Birkbeck
College room 152 (registration required — see

The lectures on Tuesday and Thursday are free and open to all. For Friday
registration and payment is necessary (see the links above or contact for further details).

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