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The inaugural SPINfest!, a festival for Semantics and Pragmatics in the North (of England), will take place this coming Monday in the Whitworth Hall Council Chamber starting at 11am.  All the details, including a schedule, follow:
Monday, 25 May, location:  Council Chambers in Whitworth Hall
(Building 51 here:
http://www.manchester.ac.uk/visitors/travel/maps/az/ )

11:00, Coffee, biscuits, tea, followed by brief welcome

11:30, Andrew Koontz-Garboden (Manchester) “Derived statives”

12:10, Martina Faller (Manchester) “Pluractionality in Cuzco Quechua”

12:50–14:00, Lunch

14:00, Eytan Zweig and George Tsoulas (York) “Distributivity and Plurality
across Languages and Logics:  Preliminary Thoughts”

14:40, Graham Stevens and Michael Scott (Manchester)
“Category-crossing metaphors”

15:20–15:40, Coffee

15:40, Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen (Manchester) “The discourse-pragmatics of
clause-negation in Old and Middle French”

16:20, Iván García Álvarez (Salford) “There are no exceptive
determiners in English”

17:00, Wine reception

18:00, Dinner