Volcanoed colleagues return from Europe’s outer atmosphere

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The last week has brought all kinds of travel excitement for LEL jet-setters trying to return to their beloved Manchester from the far reaches of Europe.

Nuria Yáñez-Bouza writes:

I was in Vigo, Spain, to do some postgrad teaching with the LLP/Erasmus Staff Mobility Exchange Programme.  As it happens, the topic of my thesis was “preposition stranding”. I feel like a preposition now 🙂  (though very well taken care of by family and friends, I must add).

John Payne, writing in response to a question whether he might not have been able to hop a dingey back home, said:

I was working at the University of Paderborn on a joint paper for this year’s ICAME conference (to be held in Giessen in May) with a German colleague (Eva), and giving some lectures on Lexical Functional Grammar to University of Paderborn students and staff.

Made it back by train and the Hoek van Holland to Harwich ferry. Indeed, not as dramatic as by navy warship!

And Yaron Matras was the final colleague stranded on the continent for several days after giving a keynote talk at a workshop on Language Decay and Language Death at the University of Pavia and a seminar at Bergamo University, both on the subject of his forthcoming book — ‘Romani in Britain. The afterlife of a language‘ (due to appear with Edinburgh University Press this autumn).

Unfortunately, we’re still down one—Inbal Arnon, as of press time, remained stranded in Tel Aviv, though Manchet sources report she may make it back by the beginning of next week.  Watch this space!

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