PhD students at the phonology meeting!

Posted on April 2, 2011 by

The provisional programme for this year’s mfm has been announced: see it here! And, building on their remarkable achievement at last year’s mfm (reported by Manchet here), Manchester’s very own postgrad phonologists have secured two of the highly coveted oral-paper slots.

AHRC-award-holder Patrycja Strycharczuk, accompanied by a bevy of Dutch coauthors, will be giving a talk entitled ‘Phonetic evidence on phonology-morphosyntax interactions: sibilant voicing inQuito Spanish’. Presenting the results of an acoustic study of Quito Spanish /s/-voicing, the talk promises to cast an empirical verdict on a theoretical argument developed by Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero in section 6 of this paper. Ricardo has told Manchet that he is awaiting the results with eager (nervous?) anticipation.

Appearing alongside Patrycja will be fellow AHRC-award-holder Danielle Turton, who will be giving a talk on ‘The darkening of English /l/: a Stochastic Stratal OT Analysis’. As fate would have it, this engages with an argument presented in section 9 of Ricardo’s paper. It sounds as if Manchester’s postgrad phonologists are holding Ricardo to stringent empirical account!