Multilingual Manchester at the Manchester Museum!

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The Multilingual Manchester initiative recently held an event at the Manchester Museum.  Hazel Garder reports below!


As part of the annual Manchester Histories festival, we put on an interactive display at The Manchester Museum. The display was very well attended, and was enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Our display included:

  • An ‘interactive language map’ of Greater Manchester. For this, participants (mostly children, who loved colouring the tags!) filled in a tag with their country of birth (including flag), what languages they can speak, a Polaroid photo we took of them, and where they live in Manchester.
  • A word borrowing game, where participants try and match the English word to the language it was borrowed from.
  • A ‘Manchester Dialects’ station, including a game to match the dialect words to the meaning and an opportunity for people to add their own dialect words.
  • Information about multilingualism, and about the history of migration and multilingualism in Manchester (translated into Cantonese, Urdu, Arabic and Polish!).
  • A ‘See Your Voice’ station, including an oscilloscope and basic information on how to interpret soundwaves. Talking into the oscilloscope was a huge hit with the children!
  • A slideshow of images illustrating multilingualism in ManchesterImageImageImageImage
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