AKG going places

Posted on September 29, 2012 by

Dynamic senior lecturer (and new dad) Andrew Koontz-Garboden has a new paper in Linguistic Inquiry this month, on “Manner and result in the roots of verbal meaning” (with John Beavers). The paper argues, in response to an earlier work by Rappaport Hovav and Levin (2010), that there are verbs which encode both manner and result simultaneously.

Koontz-Garboden will also be giving a talk at SOAS to members of the Philological Society this year, on “Semantic variation and the grammar of property concepts”, on 8th February 2013. Manchester is the only institution to be represented twice in this year’s PhilSoc programme, the other speaker being David Denison, who will be questioning the integrity of parts-of-speech at the British Academy on 10th May. Manchet gives both an electronic pat on the back!