Asudeh giving extra ILLS seminar

Posted on October 8, 2012 by

Manchet is pleased to announce that Ash Asudeh (Oxford) will be in town next week to give a special extra ILLS seminar. The seminar will be on Monday 15th October, at the normal time (4:15) but in a different venue (Mansfield Cooper G19). This talk will be in addition to the existing ILLS and Language Sandwidge talks on Tuesday 16th. Details below.

Thematic Uniqueness and Resource Accounting
Ash Asudeh (University of Oxford & Carleton University)

A long-standing result of semantic theory is that the linguistic encoding of eventualities (events and states) is restricted such that there is at most one instance of each thematic role. This restriction is standardly captured model-theoretically: thematic roles are defined as partial functions from eventualities to individuals. This talk presents evidence from copy raising in English and Swedish that reveals the standard characterization to be insufficient. An alternative, proof-theoretic characterization of thematic uniqueness is offered. The problem and its solution potentially shed new light on the argument/adjunct distinction and on the division of labour between syntactic structure-building and semantic composition.