Schultze-Berndt & Simard in Linguistics

Posted on January 29, 2013 by

A new paper by globe-trotting professor Eva Schultze-Berndt and PhD alum Candide Simard (now at SOAS) has appeared in the journal Linguistics.

The paper, “Constraints on noun phrase discontinuity in an Australian language: The role of prosody and information structure“, focuses on the conditioning factors for discontinuous NPs in Jaminjung. Schultze-Berndt & Simard argue that, far from being the free-for-all that is often assumed in work on “non-configurational” languages, the possibilities in Jaminjung are highly constrained by information structure, and that prosody can be used to tease them apart. The paper thus adds to a burgeoning body of work demonstrating that the traditional syntactic notion of non-configurationality, in which “anything goes”, is in dire need of modification.