New year, new LinguistMix

Posted on February 1, 2013 by

Thursday 7th Feb sees the first LinguistMix of this calendar year, and fourth of this academic year. It’s an LEL double bill this time, with John Payne speaking on “English without VPs” and Yuni Kim on “Amuzgo tonal phonology”.

LinguistMix IV will be in University Place 3.204 from 5pm until 7pm on Thursday 7th Feb. As usual, there will be wine and nibbles, and plenty of opportunity for staff and students from all disciplines to socialize.

Here’s John’s abstract:

The existence of a VP constituent in English consisting of a verb and its complements, e.g. [VP bought a pizza], was prefigured in the immediate constituent analysis of Bloomfield (1933), and became explicit in early generative work (Chomsky 1965). The VP constituent, along with NP, became a model for constituent structure in X-bar theory (Jackendoff 1977, Chomsky 1970) and has been a cornerstone of most analyses of English to this day. But should we accept all this? In this talk, I propose that we should not.

And here’s Yuni’s:

Most linguistics students have heard of “tone languages” which make lexical use of pitch to form contrasts between words. How does one do further research on such a language? In this talk I will present my ongoing fieldwork on Amuzgo, an Oto-Manguean language spoken in the hills of the Pacific coast in southern Mexico, and some methodology for studying tone languages. Research questions include the phonetic realization of tones, the search for allophonic changes to tones depending on the neighboring tonal context, the role of tonal alternations in marking morphosyntactic categories, the interplay between lexical tone and sentence-level intonation, and more.

For more on LinguistMix, check their Facebook group. Manchet hopes to see you there!