van Hattum at the Langwidge Sandwidge

Posted on February 24, 2013 by

On Tuesday 5th March, PhD alumnus Marije van Hattum will be presenting her work on The relationship between modal verbs and past time reference in Late Modern Irish English at the Langwidge Sandwidge. Here’s the abstract:

This paper discusses three constructions that express past time reference with modal verbs, as documented in a corpus of 18th and 19th century Irish English: 1) instances of the extended-now perfect with the modal verb can; 2) a past tense modal verb (e.g. could, might, should, etc.) followed by an infinitive of the main verb in contexts where present-day Standard English would expect a perfect construction; and 3) counterfactuals where a past tense modal verb is followed directly by a past participle, in which the perfect auxiliary have seems to have been reduced to zero. Thus, this paper adds to existing knowledge of the verb group in historical Irish English and of regional variation in English modality in general.

Marije, currently a postdoctoral teaching fellow at Liverpool Hope, will be presenting at the Langwidge Sandwidge for the first time in four years.

The talk will be at 1pm in Samuel Alexander A214. Come and join us!