Workshop on Syntactic Change and Information Structure

Posted on March 17, 2013 by

On Friday 12th-Saturday 13th April, LEL will be hosting a workshop on Syntactic Change and Information Structure in Germanic. The workshop will feature discussion sessions on information-structural annotation and on corpora of historical German. Here’s the programme:

Friday 12th April

Time Speaker Title
14:00 Welcome
14:10 Ulrike Demske Left Dislocation in Early New High German
14:50 Caitlin Light Unmarked topicalization and the verb-second phenomenon in Germanic
15:30 Sheila Watts Verbs and their particles in Old Low German
16:10 Coffee
16:40 Philippa Cook Difficulties in annotating Aboutness Topics
17:20 Kristin Bech Information structure annotation of old Germanic languages: principles, practice, pitfalls
18:00 Discussion Annotating information structure
18:40 End

Saturday 13th April

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Anne Breitbarth The development of conditional /should/ in English
09:40 Peter Andersson Towards automatic tracking of language change. Corpora and lexical resources in the Swedish language bank
10:20 Coffee
10:50 Bryan Jurish “Elchen, Elektroskapiefken, und Andrés Kopfweh”: a Bestiary of Miscanonicalization Patterns
11:30 Amir Zeldes The state of the art in collaborative multilayer historical treebanks of German
12:10 Stefanie Dipper The Anselm Corpus: Annotation and exploitation of a parallel historical corpus
12:50 Lunch
13:50 Discussion Corpora of historical German
14:30 End

The workshop is funded by a Research Networking grant awarded by SALC to George Walkden, along with Kersti Börjars and Martin Durrell, for investigating grammatical change in corpora of German(ic). Attendance is limited – if you’re interested in coming along, please contact George.