Márquez Reiter at ILLS

Posted on April 25, 2013 by

Our final ILLS talk of the academic year is on Tuesday 7th May 2013. Rosina Márquez Reiter, of the University of Surrey, will be presenting on The dynamics of complaining in an unregulated commercial setting. Here’s the abstract:

In this talk I examine the way in which telephone conversationalists launch, develop and revisit a complaint in a for-profit commercial service encounter over a long stretch of talk. I concentrate on some of the resources mobilised by the participants to construct the complaint with particular attention to the way in which forms of address and changes in footing are deployed to display misalignment and/or to seek affiliation and indicate face concerns. The findings reveal that the complaint is carefully initiated and made explicit as soon as it becomes clear that the other party does not align with it. The adversarial nature of the talk observed stems from the resistance showed to affiliate with each other and/or align with one another’s project. It is argued that the overtime development and elaboration of the complaint may respond to the interpersonally delicate nature of activity, the ways in which the company conducts its business and to standing business practices in this part of the world.

The talk will be in Ellen Wilkinson A2.16 at 4.15pm.