Punch & Judy politics?

Posted on May 2, 2013 by

Manchester linguist James Murphy has had his research featured in the Telegraph and on Radio Manchester!

Murphy’s research, based on quantitative analysis of sessions of Prime Minister’s Questions, reveals differences in behaviour between Gordon Brown and his successor as Prime Minister David Cameron: Cameron more frequently responds impolitely to neutral questions. Perhaps more surprisingly, he finds that even opposition MPs are frequently polite in asking questions. You can find the press release here, and the full analysis is shortly to appear in Pragmatics and Society.

The story has been bouncing round other newspapers and the web: the Herald, the Belfast Telegraph, and mancunianmatters. Murphy was also on Radio Manchester this morning, in conversation with Allan Beswick.

Manchet tips its hat. Another step towards the total domination of the BBC by UoM linguists!

Featured image: the Houses of Parliament, by mwanasimba from Wikimedia Commons.