Baranowski in ELL

Posted on June 11, 2013 by

Maciej Baranowski’s new paper on the role of social factors in the loss of phonemic distinctions has now appeared in English Language and Linguistics!

The paper compares two vowel mergers currently taking place in South Carolina. The low-back merger, a change from below, shows females leading the change and a curvilinear effect of social class; the pin-pen merger, on the other hand, shows a decreasing monotonic relationship with social class and no female advantage. The difference is argued to be due to the two mergers being at different levels of social awareness.

David Denison may have stepped down as editor three years ago, but Mancunians continue to dominate the pages of ELL. As well as Maciej’s paper in this issue, the previous issue contained a paper by Schleef & Ramsammy as well as a review by Benedikt Szmrecsanyi. In fact, every volume since 2011 has contained at least one paper by a (current or former) LEL member, for instance:

Look out for more from Manchester’s LEL in ELL in the near future!