Morris successfully vivaed!

Posted on July 24, 2013 by

PhD student Jonathan Morris has passed his viva!

Jon’s dissertation was on Sociolinguistic variation and regional minority language bilingualism: an investigation of Welsh-English bilinguals in North Wales. He was ably supervised by a diverse team consisting of Maciej Baranowski, Yaron Matras and Yuni Kim, with Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero as adviser and Michael Ramsammy providing moral support. The dissertation presented an analysis of the variables /r/ and /l/ in Welsh-English bilingual speech (Welsh and Welsh English). His groups were young male and young female, Welsh as home language and English as home language in two different areas, Mold and Caernarfon. The examiners – our own Erik Schleef and Queen Mary’s Devyani Sharma – were very impressed with Jon’s methodology, and stated that they would recommend replication of his approach to other people looking into sociolinguistic variation in bilingual communities!

Jon, who earlier in his career has looked at language contact and bilingualism with regard to German, has this year been combining the final stages of his PhD with project work on the L2 acquisition of Welsh by adults, since securing a research position at Cardiff University last September. He’s also part of a project at Cardiff Metropolitan, collaborating with Robert Mayr and Ineke Mennen (Bangor), and working on sociophonetic variation in the speech of Welsh-English bilinguals – something which, judging by his PhD topic, is close to his heart.

Manchet and the LEL department wish soon-to-be-Dr Morris all the best for the future!

Featured image: Jon with Erik. Below: cupcake with little Welsh flag, courtesy of Michael Ramsammy. Photos by Laura Arman.

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