Schleef and Walkden in LVC

Posted on August 13, 2013 by

This summer’s issue of the journal Language Variation and Change contains two articles by LELers!

Erik Schleef’s paper, Glottal replacement of /t/ in two British capitals: Effects of word frequency and morphological compositionality, was funded by the ESRC and deals with /t/-glottalling in London and Edinburgh. Schleef finds evidence that not only phonological and stylistic effects but also word frequency and grammatical category effects condition the variants found.

George Walkden’s paper on null subjects in Old English deals with the omission of subject pronouns in the earliest records of the English language. Clause type and grammatical person are among the conditioning factors here, with null subjects being most common in the third person and in main clauses.

Since Laurel MacKenzie’s paper on contractions also appeared in LVC earlier this year, LELers currently account for 30% of the research articles published in LVC in 2013. Another journal that Manchester is coming to dominate!