The Mancunian contingent at UKLVC

Posted on August 16, 2013 by

Following our previous report of LEL staff and students presenting at the LAGB this year, here’s another conference where Manchester is well-represented: the 9th UK Language Variation and Change Conference, just across the Pennines in Sheffield. On the programme we have:

  • Danielle Turton, presenting an ultrasound study of contextual patterns of /l/-darkening in varieties of British English
  • Laurel MacKenzie, on animacy effects in English contraction (with Brittany McLaughlin)
  • Fernanda McDougall, presenting a poster on variation in the realisations of GOAT and FACE in Barrow-in-Furness

Alumni Rob Drummond, Emma Moore and Jonathan Morris are also presenting their research. The conference is on 2nd-4th September.

UPDATE: Conference is going swimmingly, by all reports. Featured photo is Danielle Turton presenting her /l/-darkening talk. Photo by Laurel MacKenzie.