Jason Rothman at LEL Research Seminar

Posted on September 3, 2013 by

To start off this year’s LEL Research Seminar series (formerly ILLS) we’re in with a treat, as intrepid acquisitionist Jason Rothman, who has recently crossed over to our side of the pond, will be presenting some of his research. The date of his talk is 24th September, and the title is The role of typological proximity in multilingual syntactic transfer: how it works and what it reveals beyond transfer. Here’s the abstract:

In this talk, I will provide the latest articulation of the Typological Primacy Model (TPM, Rothman 2010, 2011, in press), which argues that multilingual transfer is absolute and holistic from either the L1 or L2 based on the parser’s determination of typological similarity, obtains in the very early stages of multilingual acquisition and is essentially a reflex of cognitive economy. I will try to motivate a new proposal of how the parser determines unconsciously from linguistic cues which previously acquired system is the best typological match and how this can lead to both facilitation and non-faciliation in the development of L3/Ln acquisition. I will review a series of very recent studies covering a multitude of language combinations which lend support to the TPM.

As usual, the talk will be at 4.15pm in Ellen Wilkinson A2.16, and followed by wine, crisps and eventually dinner.

Details of the rest of the LEL Research Seminar programme will be along in due course – there are some exciting events lined up which Manchet can’t wait to tell you about!