Yuni Kim at Surrey Morphology Group workshop

Posted on October 8, 2013 by

Yuni Kim is an invited speaker at a workshop next March on Inflectional Morphology and verb classes in Oto-Manguean, at the Surrey Morphology Group in Guildford.

Morphologists, forget the English past tense! Oto-Manguean is where it’s at: according to the workshop, these endangered languages “display some of the most complex inflection class systems ever described”. Yuni has carried out fieldwork on the Amuzgo of San Pedro Amuzgos, which displays intricate morphophonological interactions involving tone, laryngealization, and consonant mutations, and substantial apparent lexical idiosyncrasy. Manchet wishes the workshop participants lots of luck in making sense of the data, and suspects they will need it!

View details of the workshop here.