Look who’s talking at NWAV 42

Posted on October 10, 2013 by

The programme for this year’s annual sociolinguistics-fest, NWAV 42, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is now available. Manchester’s team of quantitative sociolinguists is ably represented:

  • Maciej Baranowski will be presenting on the sociolinguistics of GOOSE and GOAT in Manchester.
  • Laurel MacKenzie will be giving two papers: one with Constantine Lignos (Penn) on Is it the size, or how you use it? Comparing the effects of subject length and predictability on contraction, and one with Danielle Turton on Crossing the pond: Extending automatic alignment techniques to British English dialect data.
  • As well as her joint talk with Laurel, Danielle Turton will be presenting a poster on Synchronic reflections of diachronic change: An ultrasound investigation of /l/-darkening in English.

Manchet wishes all involved well with their pond-crossing!

UPDATE 21/10/13: all is well in Pittsburgh. Here’s a photo of the Manchester contingent “bowling everyone over”.