Rapport management, identity and positioning in book group talk

Posted on October 23, 2013 by

Week 7 sees a flurry of activity in LEL. First on the menu is the Langwidge Sandwidge, this time featuring Manchester’s Sarah Gormley. Sarah will be talking about Rapport management, identity and positioning in book group talk, at 1pm on Tuesday 5th Nov 2013 in Samuel Alexander A215. Here’s the abstract:

Scholarly interest in the talk produced during book group discussions has increased in recent years beyond the discipline of reception studies, as a growing number of linguists have begun to carefully examine the interactions between readers, between readers and texts, and between readers’ evaluations of the texts they read and forms of socially shared knowledge. Whilst reading has historically been considered a solitary endeavour, these new empirical studies have provided fertile ground for the analysis of reading as a social practice. This paper draws upon the notion of reading as social practice, and highlights the complexities of the interactional work required in reading group discussions as individuals verbalise their interpretive activities in a face-to-face group setting. The study focuses upon how, in a meeting of a particular reading group, the construction of readers’ evaluations of the text under discussion intersects with the co-constitutive processes of identity construction and the work individuals invest in negotiating relationships with others.

(To download a version with references, click here.)