Dirk Geeraerts at LEL Research Seminar

Posted on November 15, 2013 by

This Tuesday (19th Nov), at 4.15pm in Ellen Wilkinson A2.16, Dirk Geeraerts (KU Leuven) will be presenting on Corpus-based conceptual onomasiology: diachronic shifts of metonymic construal. Here’s the abstract:

This talk has a double purpose. First, I will introduce the long-term research program that my research unit Quantitative Lexicology and Variational Linguistics has been following, leading from semasiological variation (Diachronic Prototype Semantics, 1997) over formal onomasiological variation to conceptual onomasiological variation. Second, as an illustration of the latter perspective, I will present a case study on changes in the metonymic construal of the concept ‘woman’ throughout the history of Chinese. Descriptively speaking, the case study will reveal culture-specific patterns of metonymic conceptualization; methodologically speaking, it illustrates the use of distance metrics in quantitative corpus-based diachronic semantics.

Wine, juice and crisps will be served afterwards.