LinguistMix with Antonio Fortin and Yaron Matras

Posted on November 17, 2013 by

The second LinguistMix of the academic year will be taking place this Thursday (21st Nov), with LEL staff members Yaron Matras and Antonio Fortin as speakers. This week it starts at 5pm, in University Place 6.210, and runs until 7pm, with plenty of time for chatting and mingling afterwards.

Antonio will be talking about Modal deverbal adjectives and the semantics/pragmatics interface. Here’s his abstract:

In this talk, I argue against the commonplace view that the semantics of certain modal deverbal adjectives (i.e., those in -bar in German and -able in English), which have traditionally been assumed to be non-compositional, require complex lexical or syntactic encoding (cf. e.g., Riehemann 1994, 1998; Booij 2007, 2010). Instead, I show that the productive formation of modal deverbal adjectives is semantically compositional, and that the prima facie idiosyncratic meanings are, in fact, pragmatic inferences.

Yaron will be asking “How many languages do bilinguals have?” Here’s his abstract:

Language contact has traditionally been described as an interplay of two language ‘systems’. This notion has influenced our theoretical understanding of what bilingualism entails, in regard to language processing and acquisition, and of what contact-induced language change means. But there is empirical evidence that suggests that bilingualism is not simply a kind of cumulative monolingualism. I will discuss two cases where language boundaries in a bilingual repertoire are not quite straighforward, along with the theoretical implications.

Find more details of the event on its Facebook page.