Matras defends Roma people

Posted on November 22, 2013 by

LEL’s Yaron Matras has been speaking up for the Roma people, after high-profile political figures Nick Clegg and David Blunkett began making generalizations about the “intimidating” behaviour of people in these communities.

In BBC News article, he speaks out against the “ethnic profiling” inherent in Clegg and Blunkett’s statements. In a piece for he outlines his position and the background behind it. As someone who has worked extensively on Romani language and culture for some time, including working with Manchester City Council and the Romani people to improve relations and foster understanding, Yaron is perhaps uniquely placed to comment.

The take-home message is, or ought to be, a truism: “It is unacceptable to generalise about the behaviour of people on the basis of their ethnicity.”

UPDATE: Yaron and the Manchester Romani Project have been featured on Channel 4 news. Watch the clip here courtesy of Channel 4 Catch Up for the next few days. “The best recipe for riots is for somebody to stand up and warn of riots.”