Blending psychology and linguistics to study emotions

Posted on December 4, 2013 by

On Tue 10th Dec, Dawn Archer (UCLAN) will be at the Langwidge Sandwidge to talk about Blending psychology and linguistics to study emotions. The talk will be in Samuel Alexander A215, 1-2pm, and afterwards the organizers will be taking her for lunch. Here’s the abstract:

I have recently put together a Master’s programme which draws on both psychology and linguistics to study emotions, credibility and deception. In this presentation, I will discuss (what I believe are) (i) the benefits of bringing together the two disciplines of psychology and linguistics, (ii) where they seem to be most in/compatible, (iii) what’s to be gained by conducting research that seeks to consider psychological theories and models alongside linguistic theories and models, and (iv) whether the two disciplines are resilient enough to allow for true multidisciplinarity (i.e., the use of several specialized subjects or skills at the same time).