Sunshine and semantics for Julia

Posted on March 2, 2014 by

This May, PhD student Julia Kolkmann will be presenting her innovative work on the semantics-pragmatics-syntax interface in the English genitive at two continental conferences.

At the Germanic Genitives conference at FU Berlin (22-24 May), she’ll be presenting on the semantics of English pre-nominal possessives by looking at the relative contribution of the a) {-s} marker, (b) the context and (c) the head noun.

The following week, at the 6th Intercultural Pragmatics & Communication Conference in Malta (30 May – 1 June), Julia will be presenting in the ‘theoretical pragmatics’ strand of the conference. She will be addressing the question of whether possessive relations are semantically encoded or pragmatically derived, and evaluating relevance-theoretic procedural accounts to inference generation and whether they can account for the interpretive flexibility that English possessives exhibit.

Manchet wishes Julia sunny weather and positive feedback!