Talk and masterclass by Evangelia Adamou

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On Tuesday 11th March, Evangelia Adamou (CNRS) will be giving a talk on How language contact reshapes the expression of focus. The talk will be at the usual place at the usual time: 4.15pm in Ellen Wilkinson A2.16. You can read the abstract here.

The following day (Wed 12th), there will be a masterclass on A corpus driven approach to language contact for lesser-known languages. As usual, the class will be in 2 2-hour sessions: 10-12 and 2-4, both in Samuel Alexander W2.19. Here’s the abstract:

This class will illustrate an integrated method for the quantitative study of free-speech corpora from multilingual communities, with a special focus on small corpora from under-described or endangered languages.

Drawing on variationist and language contact frameworks, an analysis is proposed based on a combination of criteria such as the composition of the corpus with respect to shared word-tokens between the languages in contact and speaker variation.

This approach may shed light on specific phenomena but when these criteria are considered together, one may also obtain a continuum of patterns of language mixing across communities which can then serve for crosslinguistic comparison.

The examples discussed come from ongoing research on Romani and Slavic languages spoken in Europe as well as an Amerindian language of Mexico.

The class is aimed at PhD and MA students. It could be of interest if you’re working on language contact phenomena, but also more generally if you are concerned with the annotation of corpora of spoken languages.

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