Talk and masterclass by Dag Haug

Posted on March 20, 2014 by

On 25th-26th March, Oslo’s Dag Haug will be in Manchester for a talk and a masterclass. On Tuesday 25th at 4.15pm in Ellen Wilkinson A2.16, he’ll be presenting joint work with Tanya Nikitina (CNRS) on Feature sharing in agreement? The case from Latin dominant participles. Here’s the abstract:

In this talk, I discuss the mechanism of feature sharing in the analysis of agreement across theories. I argue that there are agreement phenomena that require an agreement mechanism which is both symmetric and feature sharing. The main argument relies on a Latin nominalized clause construction which has until now remained ill understood, but I will also show that phenomena that have so far been described in terms of long distance agreement lend themselves to a treatment in terms of feature sharing. I will then look at the consequences for the theory of agreement. I show that there are also cases of agreement which resist a feature-sharing treatment. This means that we cannot pin down a single agree mechanism. Some agreement phenomena require feature sharing, others do not, and yet others are incompatible with feature sharing.

The next day – Wednesday 26th – he’ll be teaching a masterclass for postgraduate students on information-structural annotation. In the first session, from 10-12 in Samuel Alexander A215, Dag will go through the theoretical foundation for information structure annotation, in particular annotation of givenness. We will also see how these can be operationalized in an annotation scheme. In the second session, in Samuel Alexander W2.19 from 2-4pm, the students will themselves do some annotation of givenness. After that we will talk about how we can evaluate, validate and test our annotations. There is no obligatory pre-class reading, but if you want to prepare you can read this paper.

Dag’s own work is on classical languages, but the masterclass will be presented language-neutrally, and the practical session will involve examples from English.