Ruins and beyond

Posted on March 26, 2014 by

CIDRAL, in conjunction with LEL, has invited Dr Paul Heggarty, Senior Scientist at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, to give a lecture and a masterclass next week.

The lecture has the title Ruins and Beyond: Converging Archaeology, Genes and Language, For a Richer Tale of Our Origins, and will take place at 5pm on 1st April, in the John Casken Lecture Theatre, Martin Harris Centre.

The masterclass is on the following day, 2nd April, 11am-1pm, in Roscoe 2.10, and will be a dialogue between Linguistics, Archaeology and the Life Sciences with Paul Heggarty (Linguistics), Stuart Campbell (Archaeology) and Terry Brown (Biotechnology, Faculty of Life Sciences). The topic will be the dispersal of languages and the role that farming may have played; you can download the readings here.

This is a rare opportunity, so don’t miss it! If you’re interested in finding out more about Paul’s work, an interview with him can be found on the Cambridge University Press website.