Farah Nazir vivaed!

Posted on March 27, 2014 by

Manchester postgraduate Farah Nazir has passed her PhD viva!

Farah’s dissertation was on Light Verb Constructions in Potwari/Mirpuri, and she had the good (or bad) luck to have world-leading expert Miriam Butt as external examiner.

Supervised by John Payne and Andrew Koontz-Garboden, and with Martina Faller as advisor, Farah provided conclusive evidence via empirical data based on language-internal diagnostics that light verb constructions are morphosyntactically and semantically distinct to main verb complement structures and auxiliary verb constructions in the understudied South-Asian language Potwari/Mirpuri.

The understudied status of Potwari/Mirpuri, of which Farah is a native speaker, was discovered in Andrew’s office in 2008. It’s very surprising that there is no linguistic work on Potwari/Mirpuri seen as there are just over half a million speakers in the UK. Farah’s work in this thesis has addressed this void in numerous ways. Amongst the contributions made in the complex predicate literature, she also provides the first substantial description of Potwari/Mirpuri.

Congratulations, Farah!

Featured image: the thesis itself (photo by Farah).