School pupils get to grips with language change

Posted on March 28, 2014 by

LEL PhD student Mary Begley has been helping A-level English Language learners get some hands-on experience with the history of English, at the John Rylands Library.

Mary, whose research focuses on the lexical semantics of insanity, has been working at the library as PhD demonstrator as part of Manchester’s School-University Partnership Initiative. She was able to convey to the students some of the flavour of her own research, as well as helping them engage with Middle English texts such as Caxton’s Eneydos.

The students, from local sixth form colleges, seemed to have a whale of a time: 90% graded the workshop as excellent or good, and 97% said they’d learned something new.

You can read a full report at the John Rylands Education blog. There are more workshops to come in June and September. Manchet congratulates Mary for her engagement, and hopes that the workshop will have inspired a new generation of students to study the English language at Manchester!

Featured image: Johnson’s definition of a lexicographer. From the John Rylands Education blog.