The highs and lows of Stephen Fry

Posted on March 30, 2014 by

Here’s a weekend tidbit that’s too good for Manchet not to share.

Celebrity actor and presenter Stephen Fry has spoken publicly about his bipolar disorder, but those aren’t the highs and lows we’re referring to. Currently, part of the assessment for LEL third-year module The Intonation of English involves transcribing and analysing Fry’s voice. Final-year French student Emily Hodson tweeted about the results of her investigations to Fry himself, who swiftly responded:

Manchet is happy to extend an (un)official invitation to Stephen: if he wants to learn more about his own intonation than he’s ever wanted to know, he is always welcome to visit the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Manchester!

Here are a number of other reaction shots:

And here’s a link to Fry talking about intonation with linguist Geoff Lindsey.