Xiao He appointed in Quantitative Methods

Posted on April 2, 2014 by

Manchet is pleased to announce that the Lectureship in Linguistics and Quantitative Methods at the University of Manchester has now been filled. We’ve appointed Xiao He, currently a PhD student in experimental linguistics at the University of Southern California.

As well as teaching quantitative methods as part of our undergraduate programme, Xiao will bring his experience with R and C++ to the department in an advisory capacity, which we’re all very excited about. His own research uses eye-tracking technology to investigate the most likely binder of the Chinese reflexive pronoun ziji in syntactically ambiguous contexts, investigating whether verb type has an effect on interpretation.

Below is a picture of Xiao He, from Wikimedia Commons. We found it by googling, though the chronology leads Manchet to suspect that we may, in fact, be dealing with a different Xiao He.