Inflectional class day

Posted on April 5, 2014 by

What do mothers, hearts, wins, continents, foxes, books, planets, shawls, coffee, tribes, caves, skin, and shovels have in common?

Answer: Not very much; but they all feature as examples in the abstracts of talks for LEL’s extra May Day event, Thursday 1st May, 1-2pm in Ellen Wilkinson B2.4. There will be two talks, both focusing on the classic morphological question of how to analyse inflectional classes of nouns, and both proposing a syntactic solution. The speakers are Giorgos Markopoulos and Paula Armelin, both PhD students at London colleges.

Giorgos Markopoulos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki/UCL) will present A syntactic approach to Greek nominal inflection. You can find his abstract here.

Paula Roberta Gabbai Armelin (Queen Mary University of London/University of São Paulo) will be presenting On the relation between Gender and Inflectional Class in Brazilian Portuguese: a syntactic account. You can find her abstract here.

Join us to hear how it pays off to bring phonology, morphology and syntax together!