Danielle and Míša bring Henderson Prize home!

Posted on April 19, 2014 by

In recent weeks Danielle Turton and Michaela Hejná have been flying the colours of Manchester phonology, phonetics, and sociolinguistics at venues up and down the country, with presentations at the Colloquium of the British Association of Academic Phoneticians (BAAP) in Oxford on 7 April, and at the 6th Northern Englishes Workshop in Lancaster on 16 April. Danielle also presented at the York departmental seminar on 12 March.

The two dynamic postgrads have been wowing their audiences. Notably, Míša and Danielle managed to jointly scoop the Eugénie Henderson Prize for the best first-time BAAP oral presentation! Danielle’s paper was on Ultrasound evidence for gradient and categorical components of English /l/ lenition processes, while Míša talked about Vocalic conditioning of pre-aspiration in Aberystwyth English. The prize was awarded in a three-way tie with Robert Lennon (Glasgow).

Danielle and Míša are following in the footsteps of PhD alumnus Michael Ramsammy (now in a permanent position as lecturer at Edinburgh), who won the Eugénie Henderson Prize at the previous meeting of BAAP in 2012. Thus, thanks to Michael’s, Míša’s and Danielle’s achievements, Manchester has won the prize twice in a row and gets to keep it for four consecutive years.

Congratulations, Danielle and Míša!