Object position and Heavy NP Shift in Old Saxon and beyond

Posted on May 17, 2014 by

George Walkden has a new paper in a Benjamins edited volume on Information Structure and Syntactic Change in Germanic and Romance Languages. With the title Object position and Heavy NP Shift in Old Saxon and beyond, the paper uses a regression analysis to test whether information structure is the only factor influencing the position of objects in early Germanic, and attempts to account for the findings using an antisymmetric cartographic analysis.

Walkden is presenting at four conferences in June and July: at the Verein für Niederdeutsche Sprachforschung‘s annual meeting in Paderborn, at Understanding Pro-drop in Trento, at the 16th Diachronic Generative Syntax conference in Budapest, and at the 18th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics in Leuven. Manchet hopes that all his trains will be on time!