University Teaching Award for Brookes!

Posted on May 19, 2014 by

LEL’s James W. R. Brookes has been named as the best teaching postgraduate in the entire University!

Manchet previously reported that James had been nominated for the Faculty of Humanities honour as part of the Union Teaching Awards, along with James Murphy. Brookes went on to win this award and the corresponding University award with it!

Here are some of the comments made by students on James’s nomination:

  • “James always keeps everyone engaged in the seminars and is more than willing to go over things again if one doesn’t understand.”
  • “He always went through past paper questions with me and helped me one to one.”
  • “James genuinely shows interest in teaching grammar and that’s visible from his teaching style and his professional relationship with the students. He always challenges the students to go out of their comfort zone and have a go at different questions.”
  • “He thoroughly deserves to win this award as he has done a lot to help the students!”

Congratulations to James from Manchet and everyone at LEL – this is a fantastic achievement, and we’re proud to have such a dedicated teacher in our department.

Featured image: James with the trophy. Below: a close-up.