Manchester well represented at ICEHL 18

Posted on July 21, 2014 by

Manchet previously reported on the many LELers presenting at ICEHL 18. Here’s the overview:

  • David Denison and Nuria Yáñez-Bouza: Which comes first in the double object construction?
  • John Payne (with Marianne Hundt): How weird are teenagers? Variation and change in the use of noun-name collocations
  • George Walkden: Null subjects in Middle English
  • PhD alum Victorina Gonzalez-Diaz: “Dyvers heynous sedicious and sclanderous Writinges”: Adjective stacking in the English NP
  • Former lecturer Benedikt Szmrecsányi: Typological profiling: analyticity versus syntheticity between Middle English and Present-Day English
  • Former research associate Richard Jason Whitt: A diachronic investigation of evidentiality and genre variation in English

George was organizing a workshop, together with Nynke de Haas (Utrecht), on Early English dialect morphosyntax, which was well received, with a fine concluding discussion. Tine Breban was also at the conference, enjoying the ambience of her alma mater while not having the hassle of doing any organizing or presenting…

The next ICEHL will be in Essen, Germany, and the one after that in Edinburgh. Doubtless LEL will be well represented there too!

Featured image: current and former Mancunians enjoying the sun in Leuven. From left to right: Benedikt Szmrecsányi, George Walkden, Eva Berlage, Nuria Yáñez-Bouza, and David Denison.