LAGB: from Oxford Road to Oxford

Posted on August 9, 2014 by

The provisional programme for the Linguistic Association of Great Britain’s 2014 meeting in Oxford, 1st-5th September at Queen’s College, has been released, and Manchester is predictably well represented.

In the pre-workshop postgraduate summer school on 1st September, Kersti Börjars and George Walkden are delivering a session on academic publishing: Kersti will be talking about the REF, and George about the rise of Open Access. Martina Faller is also giving an invited talk as part of a workshop on the semantics of embedding, with the title Do speech act evidentials embed after all? Then as part of the main event we have:

  • PhD student Nadiia Denhovska on The Role of Frequency and Animacy in the Implicit Learning of a Noun Adjective agreement Rule in L2
  • PhD alumna and Oxford local Louise Mycock, giving two talks (with John Lowe) on Prosodic marking of Focus: a Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG) analysis and The Representation of Information Structure
  • PhD student James Brookes on Why phonology drives syntax: Evidence from word order variation in Latin participle-auxiliary clusters
  • PhD student Laura Arman on Unaccusativity in Welsh verbs

Manchet will see you at the gleaming spires!