Syntactic Reconstruction and Proto-Germanic

Posted on August 21, 2014 by

It’s August 21st, which can only mean one thing: LEL lecturer George Walkden’s new book is here!

The book, Syntactic Reconstruction and Proto-Germanic (OUP, 2014), is a revised version of George’s PhD dissertation. From the blurb:

This book offers reconstructions of various syntactic properties of Proto-Germanic, including verb position in main clauses, the syntax of the wh-system, and the (non-)occurrence of null pronominal subjects and objects. Although previous studies have looked at the lexical and phonological reconstruction of Proto-Germanic, little is currently known about the syntax of the language, and it has even been argued that the reconstruction of syntax is impossible.

If that’s enough to get you keen, you can order the book here. If not, see how you feel after viewing the cinematic trailer, as featured on Language Log, and Languagehat:

(Yes, Manchet has it on good authority that George did spend several hours of his life making this.)