Philological Society in Manchester

Posted on September 24, 2014 by

On Friday 7th November, the Philological Society will be holding one of its meetings in Manchester! Professor Peter Schrijver (Universiteit Utrecht) will be speaking on the affiliation of Sumerian.

Sumerian, often said to be the earliest attested human language (with records dating back to the 31st century BC!), is usually considered a language isolate, which doesn’t demonstrably belong to any known language family. So Professor Schrijver’s talk promises to be interesting!

The talk starts at 4.15pm in University Place 3.204. Manchet’s advice is to get there at 3.45pm, so as to be able to partake of the Society’s excellent tea. PhilSoc rarely ventures outside London (and sometimes also Oxbridge), so make the most of this opportunity!

Featured image: the Philological Society logo.