An autumn talk tour for Yuni

Posted on October 4, 2014 by

LEL lecturer Yuni Kim is giving three talks this autumn in different cities of the Anglophone world. The talks are linked as part of a research programme investigating aspects of the relationship between morphological structure and phonological domains, on the basis of case studies from the Mesoamerican language isolate Huave.

  • Edinburgh, October 9 – Prefix-suffix asymmetries in Huave morphophonology
  • Cambridge, October 23 – Phonological domains in morphology and syntax: evidence from Huave
  • NELS at MIT, November 1, special session on the Phonological Consequences of Morphological Structure: Edge-based prosodic mapping and the prefix-stem boundary in Huave

The first two are invited talks, and the third is an extremely selective conference. Clearly Ricardo is not the only Manchester phonologist to go on prestigious transatlantic tours!